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700 years of experience under one roof!
Boorwerk have been active for almost a century as importers and distributors of premium quality milling-, cutting-, and building & construction related tools. A long history like that is very much founded on our philosophy to work with Premium brands exclusively. In the end quality always wins, our clients -as well as their customers- have been in appreciation of this for almost 90 years now!



Starrett (Benelux distribution): Precision measuring devices, saw blades and holesaws since 1880

Starrett is a U.S. producer of premium quality measuring devices, saw blades and holesaws. With 8 production facilities spread over the world, $ 250mln in revenues as well as being listed on the NYSE, Starrett is a force to reckon with. As exclusive importers for the Benelux market, for several decades Boorwerk has been proudly serving a tightly knit community of loyal Starrett fans.
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Vallorbe (Benelux only): Swiss quality precision files since 1899

Vallorbe files are well known for their Swiss quality that brings precision, reliability, optimal hardness as well as a long service life. As importers for the Dutch market, Boorwerk has been supplying the broad Vallorbe portfolio for years already. From watch maker to milling engineer, when only good is good enough: Vallorbe.
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Pryor (Benelux only): Marking technology since 1849

Pryor, Sheffield U.K. , was founded in the days when Sheffield was still the center of the world market in steel. 170 years forward, Pryor is global market leader in marking technology including the well-known letter punches. As Dutch importers Boorwerk has been supplying the Pryor portfolio for over half a century.
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boorwerk magneten

BM Magnets (Benelux only): Quality magnets since 1929

BM is our own line of high quality magnets that are manufactured for us to exacting standards.
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Röhm (Benelux only): Clamping solutions since 1909

Röhm, originating from Germany, is one of the best known manufacturers worldwide when it comes to clamping solutions. Whether we are talking drill chucks or custom spindle designs for the heaviest of industries, Boorwerk is your knowledge partner for the Dutch market.
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Scangrip (Benelux only): Locking pliers and vice jaws since 1906

Scangrip from Denmark is synonymous for innovation. The fact that the market still appreciates the company after 110 years is shown by the 2016 Gazelle Award for fastest growing company in their industry with 185% growth. As Dutch importers we are proud to have our own small part in that success!
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