About us

Cutting edge tool technology since 1929
Boorwerk –founders of the ProFit holesaw system– has a long history as importers of premium quality tools for building, construction, and industrial use. During those 90 years, Boorwerk has become a household name with many current client relationships dating back more than half a century.

In addition to the distribution of Premium brands like Röhm and Starrett, 2005 saw the kick off to the successful market introduction of our own portfolio of holesaws; ProFit.

The ProFit revolution
Designed and manufactured in house, our revolutionary design caused quite a stir instantly. Even way beyond the borders of our home market professional craftsmen were amazed by our novel design introduced to them.

As founding fathers of the modern Carbide tipped holesaw we had created a holesaw performing five times quicker, lasting ten times longer than a conventional holesaw!

But it doesn’t end just there, as our patented Click & Drill system was met with even further amazement. It is this unique system which turns ProFit into a full blown solution that allows; plug ejection, lightening quick diameter changes, hole enlargement as well as drilling under extreme angles.

International expansion
Based on the Industry Changing nature of our portfolio, we have been proudly awarded a spot in the Chambers of Commerce innovation top 100. This hasn’t escaped the attention of markets abroad with ProFit rapidly expanding internationally. Today our products are available in more than 20 countries already, with us having a continuous focus on welcoming new markets to our ProFit family.

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