Profit Hole Saws

Founders in innovation
As founders of the revolutionary ProFit Multi Purpose Carbide Tipped holesaw system we have literally changed the lifes of countless professional end users by allowing them to do their jobs faster with the highest quality of finish.

Our in house R&D department has a daily routine of developing smart new holesaw solutions. After all this is where 100% of our focus lies, and this is how we keep our innovation curve steep!

Hitting the spot
ProFit offers a solution for nearly any type of material with our broad portfolio of holesaws.
Each and every day professional end users -around the globe- experience the fact that our tools work faster, last longer and basically make life a whole lot easier. In addition they can rely on ProFit making the widest range of diameters available bar none.

Accordingly, when meeting end users they all tell us once having experienced the ProFit system they’d never again want to do without. Something we’re suitably proud of!

Partnership: key to success
Of course our trade partners and importers are a very important link to our market, so without a doubt they’re an integral part of ProFit’s success. Our business is organized in such a way to best help support such teamwork in the form of marketing support, training and the ever so important transfer of knowledge.

As a family owned business, going the extra mile is in our genes literally. Whether it comes to flexibility, a good advice or joint innovation project. To us ProFit is more than a product….it’s our passion!

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